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The evolution of Ski Bum fashion… time warp, environmental consciousness, or both perhaps?

by Snow Bum, Admin 9. December 2010 19:12

Fashion trends, in a general sense, have always held a sense of intrigue. What’s going to be the next trend? What’s going to be resurrected from the fashion vault of decades past? What crazy idea is going to make its mark on young fashionistas? From bell bottoms to stirrup pants, crimped hair to slicked do’s, fashion is always entertaining; and it’s no different in the world of skiing and snowboarding and in the life of a ski bum.

Recently flipping through a copy of Skier & Snowboarding Magazine from the UK, I stumbled across an ad for retro-type one-piece snow suites, a “light-hearted approach to snowsports” as the company Willy Finder proudly claims.

                                                                                                                                                                                           image courtesy of 

In combining vibrant neon colours that have leaked their way back from the 70s and 80s into today’s ski and ride outerwear, along with the epic one-piece, it’s sure to be a hit with some ski bums! Have you seen any out there yet?

There’s something to be said about bringing back memories from ski days past. At Sun Peaks Resort we say farewell to each winter season with our Spring Festival that wouldn’t be complete without Retro Ski Day, a celebration that is found at most North American ski resorts. I can’t thank my mom enough for saving her 1980s orange ski suit for all these years!

                                                                                                                                                                  Sun Peaks Retro Day, Spring Festival 2009

Looking in a different direction, the use of sustainable product in outerwear is also a visible trend, one that’s sure to last. Mountain Equipment Co-op, the largest retailer co-operative in Canada, developed a set of guidelines for products that use sustainable initiatives in both their own production and partner brands. This includes organically grown cotton, recycled polyester and PVC-free.

                                                                                                                                                                           image courtesy of

Whether you choose attention grabbing garb or knowing you’re sporting clothing that is saving the planet, the options and endless and the best part is, anything goes!


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