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Click here to read Thiago’s blog, our Snow Bum winner from last season
who spent 3 months at Sun Peaks!

Australians Enter to a Win a Starring Role in their own Winter Video!

by Snow Bum, Admin 14. December 2010 01:42

Australians from Melbourne, Canberra and Shell Harbour are putting their country on the map as they enter to win a starring role in their own winter video at Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia, Canada!

Chris, Daniel and Andrew are the first three Australian entries in Snow Bum 2: The Snapshot, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a trip to Sun Peaks for them and 3 friends, as well as a chance to spend a day with a videographer and film their very own winter video. Check out their pictures at

A huge contingent of people from Australia and New Zealand make the trip to Sun Peaks every winter to spend a season skiing and riding through some of the best powder in the world. With three mountains and almost 4,000 acres of terrain, there’s more than enough to keep them occupied for a full winter!

Don’t believe us? Robyn from Brisbane, Australia has returned for her second winter season at Sun Peaks and just got off the slopes after a full day of skiing. She can tell you first hand this is a trip you want to win!

Sun Peaks is accepting photo entries until Sunday, February 20, 2011. The lucky winner of the Best Photo wins a trip for them and three friends to for a six night trip to Sun Peaks. Plus, Kevin Hagell of Kaizen Visuals will spend a full day on the slopes with them to film their very own exclusive winter-themed video! There will also be secondary prize for most popular (most-voted for) photo as contestants will be rewarded based on how many votes they get on their photo, by promoting their entry through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Submit your entry or to check out to see the contestants already vying for the top prize!

Photos must be uploaded onto by Sunday, February 20, 2011. Sun Peak’s panel of judges will award the “Most Votes Winner” on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 and the Top 20 Finalists will be announced on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 as well. The grand prize winner of “The Snapshot” will be announced on March 1st, 2011 for prize redemption between March and April 2011 (end of winter season). For official contest terms and conditions visit

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The evolution of Ski Bum fashion… time warp, environmental consciousness, or both perhaps?

by Snow Bum, Admin 9. December 2010 19:12

Fashion trends, in a general sense, have always held a sense of intrigue. What’s going to be the next trend? What’s going to be resurrected from the fashion vault of decades past? What crazy idea is going to make its mark on young fashionistas? From bell bottoms to stirrup pants, crimped hair to slicked do’s, fashion is always entertaining; and it’s no different in the world of skiing and snowboarding and in the life of a ski bum.

Recently flipping through a copy of Skier & Snowboarding Magazine from the UK, I stumbled across an ad for retro-type one-piece snow suites, a “light-hearted approach to snowsports” as the company Willy Finder proudly claims.

                                                                                                                                                                                           image courtesy of 

In combining vibrant neon colours that have leaked their way back from the 70s and 80s into today’s ski and ride outerwear, along with the epic one-piece, it’s sure to be a hit with some ski bums! Have you seen any out there yet?

There’s something to be said about bringing back memories from ski days past. At Sun Peaks Resort we say farewell to each winter season with our Spring Festival that wouldn’t be complete without Retro Ski Day, a celebration that is found at most North American ski resorts. I can’t thank my mom enough for saving her 1980s orange ski suit for all these years!

                                                                                                                                                                  Sun Peaks Retro Day, Spring Festival 2009

Looking in a different direction, the use of sustainable product in outerwear is also a visible trend, one that’s sure to last. Mountain Equipment Co-op, the largest retailer co-operative in Canada, developed a set of guidelines for products that use sustainable initiatives in both their own production and partner brands. This includes organically grown cotton, recycled polyester and PVC-free.

                                                                                                                                                                           image courtesy of

Whether you choose attention grabbing garb or knowing you’re sporting clothing that is saving the planet, the options and endless and the best part is, anything goes!


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World Famous Cinnamon Buns at Sun Peaks

by Snow Bum, Admin 4. December 2010 00:35

As you arrive at the top of the Sunburst Express Chairlift ready to ski your first run of the day…a distraction fills the air. The smell of cinnamon, sugar, butter and dough filters through the alpine and you follow your nose to Sunburst Lodge.

Every morning during peak winter season, between 20 and 24 dozen cinnamon buns are baked at Sun Peaks Resort and sold at four locations, including the mid-mountain Sunburst Lodge. “The elevation at Sunburst (1849m) means the cinnamon buns baked up there are twice as big and extra fluffy, so it’s often a first stop for skiers and snowboarders when they head up the mountain in the morning,” says Bobbe Lyall, Food and Beverage Manager with Sun Peaks Resort Corporation.

Counting calories? Maybe skip the count and just enjoy the flavour. One batch (4-5 dozen) of these tasty treats includes eggs, oil, sugar, flour, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon…and more brown sugar. Perhaps an extra run or two off the Burfield Chairlift might be in order...

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Are you ready to Share your Snapshot?

by Snow Bum, Admin 1. December 2010 23:58

Share. Like. Tweet. Comment. Welcome to the Social Media side of Snow Bum 2: The Snapshot!

The prizes are sweet…starring in your own winter video with Kevin Hagell of Kaizen Visuals. Not to mention the six night stay at Sun Peaks Resort for you and three friends, or the fact that if you can convince enough friends to vote for you…you could win equipment and outerwear for the Most Votes prize!

Admit it…you Facebook stalk your friends’ photo albums to see what their up to, and you and your fellow Twitter’ers are constantly in communication about weekend plans, ski conditions…you name it. Well it’s time to use your friends to your advantage and get your Snapshot to the top of the pile in the eyes of the judges.

It starts with a creative photo that proves you deserve such an awesome prize. And then it’s all down to maximizing your votes. Tag ‘Sun Peaks Resort’ in your photo, post on why you are movie star material and get your Snapshot noticed!

And so you know what you’re missing…here’s a little teaser from Opening Weekend at Sun Peaks.

Just think…this could be you…

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Sun Peaks Resort wants to put you on film!

by Snow Bum, Admin 17. November 2010 00:01

Top winter destination initiates online photo competition giving the winner a chance to be cast in a personalized full-scale video production

For Immediate Release. Sun Peaks, BC (November 17, 2010) – Sun Peaks Resort is excited to announce the sequel to its successful Snow Bum competition last year, Snow Bum 2: The Snapshot. Aspiring snow bums from around the world are invited to take a one-of-a-kind picture that shows off their enthusiasm for winter – a ‘casting’ photo if you will. The prize for best photo - a trip to Sun Peaks for the winner, where a renowned videographer will accompany them onto the slopes to film their very own exclusive winter-themed video!

Kevin Hagell from Kaizen Visuals will spend a day with you and your friends, filming everything from shredding through epic powder, making that huge jump off the slopes, or chilling out at après. Kaizen Visuals produced the Sun Peaks Promotional Winter Video. This is a once –in-a-lifetime chance for a lucky person to have their love of winter captured on video by a film producer. The winner and their friends will stay six nights at one of Sun Peaks’ exclusive resort properties. There will also be secondary prize for most popular (most-voted for) photo as contestants will be rewarded based on how many votes they get on their photo, by promoting their entry through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“Since Snow Bum was such a success last year, we wanted this year’s contest to be even more accessible to participants across the globe,” explains Christopher Nicolson, President of Tourism Sun Peaks. “A picture is worth a thousand words, and having people show us why they love winter through their lenses is a great way to celebrate the snow season. We anticipate lots of creative and unique shots will be shared with the world.”

Snow Bum hopefuls, click here to enter the contest online by uploading a unique picture that shows off your passion for winter! All entrants are encouraged to capture their fun side by being as creative as possible while incorporating country or city landmarks into their shots and the essence of winter before sharing their image online with all of their friends. Want to include the Snow Bum logo in your shot? Click here to download and print the logo, or to photoshop it into your image!  

For contest deadlines and official contest rules, click here.


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